Birthday Round Up!

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Group members can get to know each other and break the ice!

Group Size



A Birthday Cake!!


Group members silently line up by birthday, month and day only, from January to December. Once the silent line has been formed, the first and the last person join together to make that line into a friendly circle!!!!!! :D

The person with the first birthday stands in the center of the circle and announces their first name, birthday. For example, “My name is Christina and my birthday is January 18.” Then that person silently acts out an activity that begins with the same letter as their name. For example, “Running Rachel” would run in place until the group guesses her activity. If the group guesses the activity correctly, “Running Rachel” returns to her spot in the circle, and the next person goes to the center of the circle to take their turn.

In the event that a person is situated out of the birthday order, they must move to the correct spot and then announce the names and activities of the previous members.

Once everyone is situated correctly, a birthday cake is available for everyone’s enjoyment!!! :D


At the end of this activitiy, everyone should have a better knowledge of each other and higher group cohesion.

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