Chili Cook-Off

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Fun; getting to know each other; sharing a meal; friendly competition; possibly fundraising for charity

Group Size


A space to plug in and display crock pots (or to heat up cooking pots). Eating space, dishes and utensils. Serving utensils. Clean-up materials. Possibly, the organizer can supply beverages, side dishes such as bread, salads, and desserts.

Set Up

Schedule an event date. People are asked to sign up to make and bring in a pot of chili. They can try to make the hottest, the most delicious, the mildest, the most exotic . . . Depending on the group, the organizer may need to designate that some or all should be vegetarian, gluten-free, or with other dietary restrictions in mind. People who do not want to make chili could provide a side dish or sign up for the cleanup crew.


Each person brings in their creation. People get samples of each. There can be voting for each category, and possibly prizes for the winners. For a friendlier version, make sure that there are enough categories so that each person wins one (e.g., the prettiest pot; the most colorful chili; the smallest beans).



Instead of chili, the featured dish can be soup, barbeque, burgers, pie, pizza, or any other food. Other teams and organizations can be invited to the event. Tastes are available "for free," but then whole servings are for purchase, with the proceeds going to a charitable cause agreed upon by the team.

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