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Fun, getting to know each other, being creative.

Group Size


Comics - from the newspaper funnies - Sunday large color comics work best. Scissors. [If you want to do it electronically: illustrator program and printer.] Pens.

Set Up

Cut each strip out, and with "white-out" blank out the word-bubbles.

Place the pile of comic strips within everyone's reach.


Everyone selects a strip and fills in word-bubbles, creating original dialogues. Then pass around and read each other's creations.



Select a theme, e.g., related to a project or special event of the team, or make the theme be the group's general activities.

Scan the strips (or copy the online versions of comic strips]; use an illustrator program to blank out the word-bubbles; print. Note: respect copyrights - do not publish or distribute.

The strips can be all different, or, give everyone a copy of the same strip, to see the variety that emerges.

Instead of complete strips, cut up into frames, so they can be mixed by the participants.

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