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This is a group variation of Rock, Paper, Scissors with a few other twists

Group Size


Large space

Set Up



In this game players transition between four stages of evolution: Egg, Chicken, Dinosaur, and All-Knowing-Supreme-Being. Players have the chance to evolve when they meet someone else in the same stage of evolution as them (Eggs with Eggs; Chickens with Chickens, etc.) When two players meet they play one round of rock, paper, scissors. The winner evolves one stage higher and the loser devolves down one stage (Eggs do not devolve). All players begin the game as Eggs, which they signify by crouching low to the ground and duck walking (if players are not mobile enough to duck walk they can just bend their knees slightly). Eggs also announce that they are Eggs by saying "egg, egg, egg. . ." as they walk. When players become Chickens they do the chicken walk and cluck. Dinosaurs act like Dinosaurs. And All-Knowing-Supreme-Beings walk around with their head in the clouds and smiles on their faces. Once a player becomes an All-Knowing-Supreme-Being they no longer play rock, paper, scissors. Once play begins players will evolve and devolve for a while before becoming All-Knowing-Supreme-Beings. Play continues until their are only a few non-Supreme-Beings exist or time runs out.


Once a person becomes an "All-Knowing-Supreme-Being" they cannot devolve, but they CAN STILL play. All-Knowing-Supreme-Beings can play whoever they want without fear of devolving. So essentially they could help anyone out until the person being helped is also an All-Knowing-Supreme-Being. Usually this doesn't happen and the All-Knowing-Supreme-Beings just hang out. This is a good lesson in HELPING OTHERS.