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Group Size


A computer or phone with internet access

Set Up


Have everyone in the group go to the website Googlism and search for his/her first name. This will generate a list of statements about that name pulled from Google search results e.g. for the name Francois:

  • Francois is the best
  • Francois is required to live in East Palo Alto or Eastern Menlo Park if he is to run for a seat on the Ravenswood Board
  • Francois is right
  • Francois is a first class hotel
  • Francois is 9 years old and lives in Senegal
  • Francois lives with his mother and baby brother in Thies
  • Francois is an actor who plays his roles convincingly
  • Francois is still desperately in love with his ex
  • Francois is an inexhaustible improvisor who enthralls his listeners with his intense and original playing
  • Francois is not alone in this belief that dance is also a therapeutic tool and a valuable investment for physical health and psychological balance

Go through the list and find as many that apply to you as possible and share with the rest of the group.


Go through the list and find as many as you can that apply to yourself. Share with the group for a laugh.


You can also get fresh results by going to and searching for your name in quotes followed by the word 'is'

For example: "Francois is"