Group Scrabble

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Group Size


- Index cards with letters of the alphabet on them - a hat

Set Up

Each person picks a letter card out of the hat (if you have a big group, you will need more letter cards, and it is probably good to include a few extra vowels (A,E,I,O,U) and consider removing the X, Q and Z from the hat.


Tell the group their task is to arrange themselves into complete words given the cards they select from the hat. The group can come up with several small words or just a few long words, but every letter needs to be included. Once they are done, you can have everyone put their cards back in and re-draw, or move on to a new activity.

Once they are in their word groups, have participants do mini get to know you activities e.g. share your hobbies, the last book you read or movie you saw, your first memories as a child, plans for an upcoming holiday or summer vacation, etc.


Talk about communication, whose ideas were heard, what challenges were there, etc. You can also ask them initially how hard they expect it to be and at the end ask why it was harder/easier than expected.


Do not allow members to talk while forming words.

Designate 2 leaders who are the only ones who can talk when arranging into words.