Have you Ever?

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Group Size


1 spot marker (e.g. a post it note or piece of tape) for every member in the circle (one person is 'it' and they will be in the center of the circle, with no spot)

Set Up

Have everyone except the facilitator form a circle and stand on their spot markers.


Start with the group standing in a circle, with their feet on a spot marker. The facilitator stands in the middle of the circle and presents the rules of the game. Whomever is in the middle of the circle is "It." "It" will ask a question "Have you Ever?" followed by something they have done. EXAMPLE: "Have you ever worn shoes?" Anyone in the group who has done the thing that was asked, must move to a different, empty, spot. No one may move to the spot right next to the spot they were standing on. The person who was "It" must move onto an empty spot. Whoever is unable to get to a spot before all spots are full, becomes "It."



Similar to The Wind Blows