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Hero-Shambo: Paper Rock Scissors with a twist


  • Learning new names
  • Building a team atmosphere without feeling loss over losing a game
  • Keeps eliminated individuals actively involved
  • Name Games |
  • Icebreakers/Warmups

Group Size


None needed

Set Up

Set up is the same as paper rock scissors (aka roshambo)


Have everyone pair up and get ready for a good match of paper rock scissors; specify single elimination or best of 3 (depending on time alloted) Here's the catch: The loser becomes the victors most ardent cheerleader. If Frank beats Charlie, Charlie follows Frank around for the following rounds cheering his name - "GO FRANK, GO FRANK! FRANK FRANK FRANK!" Every time you win, you also win over that individual's cheerleaders. In other words, say you have won a few rounds and you have 5 cheerleaders following you around chanting your name...but then you lose -- then you cheer on the person who beat you; and your cheerleaders do the same.


Ask them how they felt cheering for a team - if they won, how did it feel to have half the group cheering your name?


Creative alternatives are welcome!

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