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To find commonalities To enhance interdependence between group members To build trust To stimulate creativity

Group Size


Large Space Recreational attire (no heels)

Set Up

Everyone form a circle and one person starts in the middle



Person in the middle announces to the group a quality that they possess, that they would like to find in others. For example…"I am a twin." The leader determines who the first person in the middle is by picking at random or they could start themselves. When someone has a matching quality they race to find an open spot in the circle, including the person in the middle. When there aren’t any open spots the person stuck becomes the person in the middle. However if nobody has the characteristics called out by the person in the middle then you state another quality.


What have you gotten out of this exercise? What qualities did people have in common? Did you find it hard to come up with characteristics?


If group is immobile or lacks space to move around then we suggest everyone who fits the criteria raises their hand and the center person picks the center person.

This activity is similar to The Wind Blows and The North Wind Blows.

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