I've Never

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A fun icebreaker to get to know things about others in the group.

Group Size


Chairs (1 less than number of participants)

Alternate game: No materials needed.

Set Up

Chairs should be set up in a circle, with a large space in the middle.

Alternate game: No setup needed.


Choose someone to start in the middle of the circle. This person states something they have never done, such as "I've never been to Europe" or "I've never eaten caviar." Everyone in the circle who has done that activity (such as traveled to Europe or eaten caviar) must leave their seat and find another chair which is at least two seats away from them. The person in the middle also tries to find a chair. Because there is one less chair than number of participants, there will be someone left in the middle who starts the round again. Game play continues as long as you'd like.

Alternatively, if you team is not collocated and you are meeting via tele-conference/tele-presence: The goal of the game is to get the most points. You receive points for how many hands go up for people who HAVE done what the player has never done. If the player says "I've never gone fishing.", the number of people who raise their hands who ever have gone fishing count as points for that person. The round continues until everyone gets a turn. Rules: No "I've nevers" can be repeated and all must be truthful.

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