Let The Beat Build

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-Encourages listening among group members -Communicate clearly and effectively with your beat -Ultimately forming cohesive sound with your group -Encourages actions based off listening to others -Let it flow Icebreakers/Warmups | Communication

Let the Beat Build

Group Size



-Hands -Feet -Rhythm

Set Up

-Group Forms a Circle


-First member of the circle creates a beat, the rest of the group listens and then the next person in the circle creates their own different beat until each member is involved. Each member then explains why they created the beat that they did and then the starter judges the group as a whole.


-Create one cohesive sound among every member of the group and then after the beat is built the group leader (starter) judges the individual sounds of the group and the group as a whole.


  • Each member of the group can use their feet, hands, and vocals only.
  • See also Make it Rain

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