Living Legs

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IceBreaker, Fun way to split a group into smaller teams/groups

Group Size



Set Up



-Tell the participants that they are going to line up in order of the number of living legs they have in their family. -Provide the group with the number of living legs you have - two legs for each person in your family mom, dad, etc., four legs for a dog/cat, etc. (for example I have 6 legs - two of my own and my cat has four) -Give participants a minute to count up their legs then start to call out even numbers. As you call out the numbers (start at 2) have those participants with the corresponding number of legs start to line-up around the room. -Make sure to throw in an odd number every once in awhile (people will have 3-legged dogs, etc) -Once the group is lined up I always have the person with the highest number of legs explain to the group -If using to break into smaller teams, group the low number of leg people together, middle number together, etc.



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