Name Blasters!

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After playing the game, participants should have a better grasp of the names of people in their group.

Group Size



Set Up

The facilitator should know the names of each of the participants. If not, the facilitator should have name tags ready and have them easily readable.


Participants should stand in the circle. It is important that the facilitator know the name of every person in the circle, or be able to read their nametags if they have them. Then, begin the game by having everyone go around the circle stating their name. The facilitator of the game will then call out the name of someone standing in the circle. When their name is called out, that person must duck. The people standing on either side of that person must then yell out the name of the other. The person who yells out the name of the other first wins; the other is “name blasted” and must sit down in their spot. If a person is unable to duck before someone is name blasted, they are blasted themselves and must sit down; the people on either side of them then remain in the game. The facilitator then continues by saying the name of another person in the circle and the same process is repeated. This continues until there are two winners left standing in the circle. Have people remain seated in the circle. As people get blasted throughout the course of the game, it becomes more difficult to remember or realize which people are on the immediate sides of the participants.



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