Photography from Different Views

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Enhance creativity; get to know each other better; reflect on different perspectives; see a place in a new way

Group Size


Some kind of digital camera for each person - easiest with cell phones.

Set Up

Make sure each person knows how to use their camera. Preferably, have a monitor on which all photos can be viewed. Identify a location. This could be the team's regular meeting place or a location unfamiliar to all. It could be inside or out.


Everyone gathers at the location, with their camera. People can move around, but all stay within sight of each other. Each person is to take as many photos as they'd like. Instruct that they can take any kind of photo - color or black and white; wide angle or extreme close-up; from any angle. Designate a time period for creating photos, e.g., 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, signal that it is now time to stop photographing, but not to converse yet. Give five minutes for each person to select five of their photos. All gather to show theirs selected photos to each other. (If possible, send to a monitor large enough for everyone at the same time to easily see.) Possibly make a display of the photos.


How were the views similar? How were they different? What influenced people's choices? What can you learn from each other's perspectives? How might this learning inform future team collaborations?


The time period can be any length - try "Everyone take one photo right now"; or "During our afternoon retreat, take as many photos as you'd like." Ask everyone to make each photos something that symbolizes an aspect of the group's mission, and then explain their choices. This activity can be done with any size group. Try collaborating as partners: each team of two shares one camera, and has to decide how to collaborate on their photo choices.

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