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Teampedia team enjoys fan mail many enthusiastic users around the world. Thanks for the feedback! We want to hear more about your successes!

  • Excellent website for team building activities - Vickey Alvarez ‏@VickeyAlvarez
  • Want to do more team/community building in your class but don't know where to find activities? Enter Teampedia. - Ryan McCallum ‏@cleanapple
  • Teampedia is a very cool resource. - Scott Willeke ‏@activescott
  • Anybody looking for team building or icebreaker activities, Teampedia is a great resource. - Mark Clements ‏@edunators #edchat #sschat #mschat #teachchat
  • We found a great resource full of free team building ideas.It's called Teampedia. Check it out! - Becker Accelerated ‏@BeckerAccel
  • Many small group team building activities! - Teampedia - @scoopit - Amy Burns ‏@AmyTechDiva
  • Another free online resource for #games! Teampedia - via @sharethis - Caleb Winebrenner ‏@caleb_teaches
  • this is one of my fav resources (and team building activity The Tallest Tower') - seani ‏@seani - @adamphowell @richards92
  • I'm making my lesson plans and adding some icebreakers - "Jennifer Theroux ‏@JJTheroux
  • Here's Ship Captain/Captain's Coming - my all-time favorite! (ps - teampedia is the best site ever! - Amanda Ries ‏@amandaries - @AlexAGCarlson
  • Awesome collaborative encyclopedia of team building activities, icebreakers, teamwork resources, and tools for teams - Sally ‏@SallyHart72
  • Great collection of activities from Teampedia - Sarah Feather ‏@SarahHannah
  • i'm looking through this site now Teampedia i can't believe there's a wiki for team building activities - Mr. Gerbear ‏@mr_gerbear @Amour_Victoria
  • omg i remember doing this game in high school at one point - The Tallest Tower - Mr. Gerbear ‏@mr_gerbear
  • I am doing this with a 5th grade class tomorrow that needs team building: The Tallest Tower - DanielRawley ‏@DanielRawley
  • Teampedia: list of team building games you can play in your classroom- Lauren Davis ‏@profelaure via @sharethis #plpnetwork
  • Teampedia - a collaborative encyclopedia of free team building activities - internet4classrooms ‏@internet4classr #5thchat
  • Great resources for team-building activities We're learning about leadership in Life Skills - HollyAnne Giffin ‏@HJGiffin

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