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5.12 Solutions Consulting Group +Provides team training combined with experiential activities such as rock climbing, challenge courses and other team elements that focus on business objectives. Based in Boulder, Colorado.  +


Accolade Corporate Events +Indoor, outdoor, role plays, treasure hunts and other team building activities. Covers the whole of the UK and Europe.  +
Ace Race Golf Team Building +Participants build a golf course out of non-perishable food items that are later donated to a food bank. Each small group builds a single hole, in the banquet hall or meeting room.  +
Adventure Associates +Corporate Team Building Programs, Events, Consulting, Workshops. What sets Adventure Associates apart from other team building companies is our blending of adventure experiences with training topics, models and theories.  +
Adventure Learning Associates +Results oriented team building and leadership development programs. Activities, facilitation tips, and links to all kinds of team building goodies.  +
Agence de Team Building +Basée à Montréal, cette équipe d'experts est formée de facilitateurs, formateurs, conférenciers, coachs, animateurs et organisateurs d'événements. Elle vous propose des concepts de Team Building originaux qui atteignent vos objectifs et resserrent les liens de votre équipe à tout coup.  +
Apex Mountain School +Corporate Team Building and Organizational Development through adventure challenges and other experiential activities. Based in Vail, Colorado.  +
Atlassian +Confluence Team collaboration software. Give your team one place to share, find, get work done – meeting notes, file lists, decisions, shared links, anything.  +
Atman Teambuilding Creations +A Valencia, Spain based company dedicated to the development of corporate teamwork, cooperation, effective communication and ingenuity through exciting outdoor adventure activities. We organize all aspects of the excursion including activities, accomodations, meals and transportation, as well as tailor each adventure to meet the specific needs of our clients.  +
Aussie X Events and Team Success Program +Specializing in aligning corporate teams through an experiential learning approach across Ontario, infusing sport with innovative team-based management systems adapted from high-performance sporting groups outside of the corporate world.  +


Back to Earth +We want the wilderness to be more accessibleand to facilitate experiences of connection that inspire lasting change in how we conceive of our relationship with the Earth.Backpacking trips and retreats.  +
Best Corporate Events and High-Tech Teambuilding +Custom high-tech team building programs and corporate events delivered on Apple iPads using our proprietary App technology. Energizing activities, icebreakers and essential corporate training workshops that promote teamwork skills, problem solving, innovation and strategic planning.  +
Best Team Building +Our high-tech team building events are delivered on iPads using our proprietary App. Our fun, creative programs consist of energizing team building activities, icebreakers and essential corporate training workshops that promote teamwork skills, problem solving, innovation, and strategic planning.  +
Bishop Enterprises Corporation +Bishop Enterprises began as a specialized sales and customer service consulting practice in 1984.   Patsy G. Bishop, the founder, incorporated the business in Delaware in 1987 and expanded to provide a  full range of  Management Consulting.  She continues her expansion of the business.  Our client base includes state and local governments, as well as, commercial businesses in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our clients include IBM, AT&T, Xerox, Novartis, AXA, Methodist Hospitals of Indiana, The West Virginia Center for Arts and Science, and the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra.  +
Build-A-Bike Team Building +Not Yet Available  +
BuildingYourTeam is a website designed to offer corporate team building ideas and exercises to help individual managers and executives improve office teamwork within the groups. If you are just looking for a fun icebreaker to get your meeting started the right way, team building companies or facilitators to lead organized activities, or if you are just looking for a few tips and articles to help build teamwork, then this website can be a great resource for you.  +


CEO Chef +We are the only culinary team building company whose programs and presentations have been designed by a highly experienced celebrity chef (Jim Connolly) with an extensive professional background in corporate training and presentations. So we understand the needs of our corporate clients, and know what does and doesn’t work.  +
Chart Your Course International +We accelerate human and organizational performance.  We help executives and our clients become more profitable and transform themselves into exceptional places to work that attract, retain and motivate people to their full potential.  +
Chocolate Delight +Chocolate Delight offers a variety of innovative and indulgent chocolate events. We have been hosting successful fun-based and corporate teambuilding chocolate activities since 2005. A great way to strengthen corporate relationships, improve company morale and entertain your business clients.  +
CityHunt +Each cityHUNT scavenger hunt adventure is customizable and unique. No matter what location you choose, you can be sure that our expert team will be sure to tailor your adventure to the city you are in. Our team takes pride in making sure that we create complex urban adventures that are unique to your companies, needs, desires and wishes.  +
Clash +We began as an 8 week sports league, the California League of Adult Scavenger Hunters (CLASH). After 3 seasons a friend of ours at Google hired us to produce a scavenger hunt for their interns one summer. We crushed it, word spread and other companies requested team building scavenger hunts to help with employee retention, company culture, and product celebrations. They loved the fresh approach to team building because trust falls, workshops, and bowling were stale activities that sucked. We now run scavenger hunts in Los Angeles, Seattle, and New York. All of us that work at CLASH do so because we get satisfaction out of exciting people through competition and creativity.  +
Confident Speaking +Confident Speaking is a public speaking training company founded by experienced public speaking coach Reesa Woolf. With more than 20 years experience, Reesa runs fun, exciting and beneficial corporate workshops on public speaking, and work speaking. For any questions call: (973) 335-7361  +
Cool Spring Center +Cool Spring Center, Inc., an innovative corporate/nonprofit consultant group launched in 2001 that specializes in team building, leadership development, strategic planning and nonprofit capacity building.   +
Corporate Games +Extraordinary team building challenges that require people to explore creative solutions, practice and improve working as a team-- in a fun spirited atmosphere. Corporate Games offers the widest range of team building activities, and facilitating options. We travel throughout the U.S. and internationally, and have assistant facilitators in all major U.S. cities.  +
Corporate Teams +Your team manages a variety of activities to create a meaningful gift to needy recipients in the community. Bikes,Wheelchairs,Gift Baskets, and Military Care Packages are some of the options to build.  +
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