QR Code Scavenger Hunt

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Group Size


  • Cell phones equipped to read QR codes (e.g. iPhones, Android-powered devices like the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1, and the Palm Pre, many Samsung and Sony-Ericsson models, and most Nokia phones).
  • paper & tape (or stickers to print the QR codes onto)

Set Up

This activity requires a bit of prep

  • Decide on your clues - clues can be a mix of text riddles and websites, or email addresses with auto reponses.
  • Create QR codes with clues embedded using a generator like this QR Code Generator from the ZXing Project
  • Post the clues around your office, school, or all over your neighborhood or city


Divide the group into teams. Make sure each team has an internet equipped phone that can correctly scan a test QR code (and it's a good idea for each group to have a backup as well). Send them out to scan the codes and solve the puzzles. Learn more about QR codes or How to Write Fun and Challenging Scavenger Hunt Clues



You can add in clues that require teams to email their solution to a puzzle to a certain email address (and then set up an auto response to provide the next clue).

Also called gps geocaching, see comparison chart for types of scavenger hunt events with this option Team Scavenger Hunt Event Comparison Chart

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