Snowball Fight

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Group Size


  • paper (recycled or scrap paper works well)
  • pens

Set Up


Participants write on a piece of paper three things about themselves (make sure they do not write their names on it). Then they crumple the paper up into a 'snowball' and have a one to two-minute snowball fight. At the end of the time, the facilitator yells "freeze" everyone grabs the closest snowball and has to try to find the person who wrote it, by walking around and interviewing people.


  • At the end you can have each person introduce the person they found to the rest of the group, sharing the three facts.
  • You can have people link arms as they find their mate

- I like to use this activity to BRAINSTORM. Basically everyone writes down an idea on a piece of paper WITHOUT writing their name on it, they crumple it up and then there is a "snowball fight." Then everyone picks up a piece a paper and they read the idea out loud. This way everyone pitches in their ideas without feeling ashamed or nervous.

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