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Lost Dutchman

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The Search for The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine - A large group teambuilding exercise. A version is sold by The Performance Management Company
'''Lost Dutchman''' has been used since 1984 as a tool for generating collaboration among workgroups. It is used as a leadership development program along with its impacts on corporate team building. The goal is, ''"To mine as much gold as WE can"'' and to optimize overall ROI, but the tabletops will often choose a competitive strategy of, ''"My Team, My Team, My Team"'' instead, trying to beat the results of other teams. As a result, they will measurably sub-optimize overall results and achievements of the group.
Games are sold for various sized groups, offering the user a complete set of training materials including powerpoint Powerpoint slides for Intro, Play and Debriefing. The exercise are complete and include all the information and materials needed for delivery. Find more information about the game and design and packaging at:
===Set Up===
There are few exercises in the marketplace that represent complete, polished products like this one. This The game has been played by groups of 15 versions let and as large as 870; it scales up wonderfully. Plusavailable by purchase by several companies, it is sold with a one-time cost and lifetime warrantyincluding: for sale at: http://www. Sold since 1993, we have people who still use that original version despite our continuous updatesperformancemanagementcompany. Sold worldwidecom/Dutchman-s-Gold-Mine-s/110. Totally supported htmjourneys run by the designer, Dr: http://www. Scott

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