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Get Out!
==[[:Category:Outside| Get Out!Rituals, Games, Gatherings]]==
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[[File:Crows.jpg|thumbnail|A crow party ''en plein air'']]
It's spring! At least it is Holidays this season as team building? Bonding in some locations - families and in others communities happens when you gather for a meal, a ritual, a game . . . and did we mention a meal? Whether it's lurking right beneath telling the snow and ice. Time to take story at the group out of four walls and stretch your team building together - Passover Seder, hunting for Easter eggs, or make the plans sharing some other traditional activity, know that it connects you to do so soon. Play catch, establish a Little Free Library, lead each other on a Trust Walk, shriek through a game to those of Calvinballthe past, test your wits in a scavenger hunt, adopt a trail to those of the future . . .For example, Teampedia offers ways encourages you to include [[http:Category:Outside| get out there together!]// storytelling]

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