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==[[:Category:CollaborationBreaking_Down_Stereotypes| The Harmonious Friends FolktaleBreaking Down Stereotypes]]==
Even if your group consists of members who all share the same race, religion, nation of origin or gender identity, there are many other ways that individuals can be different. We tend to make assumptions based on height, clothing style, mannerisms, etc. So, it is valuable for team members to get to know each other as individuals, and also to be aware of stereotyping in all interactions in life. How do you break down stereotypes and foster inclusion and equity within your team? Activities include: [[Celebrity/Stereotype Party]], [[Diversity Bingo]], [[Students with Disabilities]], [[Who I Am - by Lineage]], and [[Your Stories]].
[[File:4HarmoniousFriends.jpg ‎|thumbnail]]
Monkey standing on Elephant's back to reach fruit from a tree - not a Teampedia activity. Yet a beloved folktale in Bhutan, “The Four Harmonious Friends," is a perfect inspiration for cooperation to achieve common goals. Bird plants a seed; Rabbit waters it; Monkey fertilizes it. Elephant protects the sprouting tree. Standing on top of each other, the friends reach and share the tree's fruit. See Teampedia's [[:Category: Collaboration|Collaboration]] activities
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