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Hi! My name is '''Seth Marbin''' and I am a Founder of Teampedia
I'm passionate about using tech for positive social change. I help people use their time, talents and treasure for greater social impact.
I have been on teams for as long as I can remember, as a captain, coach, leader, manager, and most importantly team member, on a variety of work, educational and athletic teams.
Below is a picture of me facilitating one of my favorite team games - [[Giants, Wizards, Elves]] - with a group of Googlers. I like this activity because it requires a good mix of strategy, coordination, and communication, and it gets the participants running around, and making decisions on-the-fly. Plus, it never fails to get people laughing!
To find out more about me, feel free to view my profiles on social networking sites such as [ LinkedIn], [ Facebook], or [ Twitter] and [ Google+].
Here's an article about the early days of Teampedia that was featured on [ Americorps Alums].

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