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Virtual Team Building

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More and more, companies are relying on [ virtual teams] or geographically dispersed teams to serve global customers. Schools and classes are online and remote learning is the norm. Building teams , breaking down barriers, and getting to know each other via Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, or Skype is challenging! Team building can be even more challenging when you try to do it virtually across various times zones , geographic locations and considering diverse cultural boundaries has a unique set of challenges.
[[TeamBuilding]] is a leading provider in virtual team building activities.  We have a small collection of [[Category:Icebreakers for Online Team Building]] [[:Category:Icebreakers for Online Team Building|Icebreakers for Online Team Building]], and are actively seeking more. Do you have ice breakers or team building activities that have worked for you in the past? Please [[How to Add a Page|add them here]]!
* [ Building & Managing Virtual Teams] (2009)
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