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How to Add a Page

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<nowiki>*[[name of the activity you'd like to add]]</nowiki>
* Press "Save page" at the bottom of the screen. When you return to the [[Main Page]], you'll see a link to your page in <font color="red">red</font> at the bottom of the list. Click Just click on it that link and start typing!
* '''To keep our pages consistent, please use the categories on this template:'''
* You can do add this template to your page by posting copying and pasting this code into your blank onto the page, and pressing "save."
* Once you save, you will notice it has pasted the template headers page into on your new page.The When you are in edit mode, the headers have "equal" signs "<nowiki>====</nowiki>" before and after each heading so they stand out.
* You can type in the appropriate information after each header.
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