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Diversity Bingo

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[[Category:Icebreakers/Warmups]] [[:Category:Icebreakers/Warmups| Icebreakers/Warmups]] |
* Alternative Goals: You can set the goal that everyone should try to fill their card in the time alloted (recommended since this encourages the most discussion and collaboration), or you can choose to offer a prize to the person/people who finish first (encourages more competition and less discussion) or in typical bingo fashion, you can have the person who finishes a row first yell out "Bingo!" and win a prize (allows for least amount of dicussion, but also requires the least amount of time).
* Alternative Content: This can be adapted for almost any content so be creative e.g. squares can contain math problems, trivia questions, or personal statements such as "has lived in 2 or more countries," &q1000uot; "doesn't have a profile on myspace or facebook," or "has stood up for someone else's rights."
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