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Bright Blurry Blind

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Creating a sense of community; intra and inter departmental communication; Breakdown of “Silos” within organizations; allows participants to openly speak about current issues within the team and organization.
* [[Category:Communication]] [[:Category:Communication| Communication]]
* [[Category:Collaboration]] [[:Category:Collaboration| Collaboration]]
==='''Group Size'''===
* [[Category:Small]] [[:Category:Small| Small]]
* [[Category:Medium]][[:Category:Medium| Medium]]
* [[Category:Large]] [[:Category:Large| Large]]
5 - 500; participants are asked to work in their existing work teams i.e. Accounting is together in one team, Human Resources is together another team, Sales etc..
- Additional ideas for School Groups - split by grade level taught, split by curriculum taught, split by who reports to who - be creative!
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