Stare and Share

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Group Size



Set Up



You have been grouped together in 4 sets of 2. NAME PAIRS. Standup facing your team members.

Next, stare at each other for one minute and take in as much as you can during that time. After the minute is up, I will tell you what to do next.

Now everyone sit at the table next to your team member. Each of you will be asked questions about what you observed while staring at your team members .

Team 1

Ollie – Does Tracy have nail polish on, if so what color?

Oliie – Is Tracy wearing make-up?

Tracy - What colour are Ollie's shoes?

Tracy – Is Ollie wearing any jewellry? If so what?

Team 2

Mary – Does Dawn have freckles or any other markings (moles/scars) that are visible?

Mary – Does Dawn wear glasses or contacts?

Dawn – Describe what Mary is wearing?

Dawn - What colour are Mary's eyes?

Team 3

Bev – Is Lindsey wearing make-up?ring

Bev – Is Lindsey wearing a watch?

Lindsey – What color is Bev's hair?

Lindsey - Is Bev wearing earrings?

Team 4

Jo – s Amy wearing a ring??

Jo – Is Amy wearing a bracelet?

Amy – What color is Jo's top?

Amy – Is Jo wearing earrings?


  • How were your powers of observation?
  • How did you feel being observed in this way?
  • What did you get from the other person's body language?