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TVworkshop Asia corporate team building is established in Singapore in August 2016 under ACRA number 201526873N as a Private Limited (Pte Ltd). The owner is Emile Leus from the Netherlands and a former employee, event manager of TVworkshop Netherlands. TVworkshop Netherlands is established in 2004 by Marcel Ruijken. Organising the first successful film team building event for KPN in the Netherland, creating your own TV commercial. TVworkshop was started and website was created for corporate team building events. Top 100 corporate companies like Shell, Akzo Nobel, Nike, Barclays and many more followed. From 2006 event manager Emile Leus joined the TVworkshop and together with owner Marcel Ruijken, TVworkshop expanded to Belgium and Geman market. New visual team building concept where introduced like lip dub making from 2008 on, as the first company introducing it in the Netherlands! Creative visual concepts like stop motion team building, corporate movie, bachelor party filmmaking followed.

In 2016 owner Marcel Ruijken sold the TVworkshop Netherlands to Marleen van Meel and she is now operating with the TVworkshop on Dutch, Belgium and German market. Marcel Ruijken is now the owner of the website Cliqorange. An A.I. company that develops state of the art algorithms to reinvent travel. Former freelancer of TVworkshop Jeroen Stuiltens is organising TVworkshop events for the markets Spain and Portugal. TVworkhop Asia is a separate entity of TVworkshop Netherlands.

Concepts and Group Size

TVworkshop Asia Singapore is the number 1 film team building of Asia. We are specialised in making movies in combination with team building. The need for team building is getting more and more important in a rapidly changing time. Also, the fact that marketing budgets spend on visual advertising on social media is increasing. So, why not make your own commercial, soap, action movie, lip dub or green screen production with your own employees. A unique way to brand your service, product or company in a different way. Branding your new mission statement, targets for the new year or just do it for as a fun activity. You can take a look at our website 9 new team building activities for 2017 for our concepts. Groups of 8 to over 300 people are welcome to experience TVworkshop corporate team building.

In 2018 TVworkshop started with offering a wide range of team bonding activities in Singapore and abroad with sister company Success Team Building Singapore


Choosing your event location is important and not to underestimated part of organising your event. With more than 14 years of event experience, we help you with finding the best event places in Asia. We organise your event at preferred event locations, exhibition centres, in the parks outside on your own company location or even on your cruise ship. For some tips choosing your best event locations you can find some interesting websites on Google:


We offer our film team bonding in a program of 3 to 5 hours. A longer program is possible and also a shorter. Listing to our customers is very important for us and we customise your wishes in an unforgettable event. Below you can find a general program for a 4 hours team building activity:

  • Start presentation explaining concept TVworkshop with some examples showing, 15 minutes.
  • Start brainstorming to a script in groups of 12 people max. Every group has a TVworkshop supervisor to guide the group in the process of commercial making. We use the core values or mission of your company for the brainstorm session. 45 minutes.
  • Get ready for filming. We divide the tasks of the group and there are tasks for people in front of the camera as actor or actress and behind the scene as director/producer or handling the camera. It is all about creating the end result together. 15 minutes
  • The start of filming on location inside and outside depending on the script. 2 hours
  • End of filming all the scenes and time for a snack break for the groups. Possibility to do some presentations by the management or board.
  • Presentation of the 2 end results and of course we like competition, so there is an Oscar for best commercial!! 30 minutes.


TVworkshop film team building concepts are designed to motivate people and perform at their best individually and as team players by creating visual end results like commercial, soap, action movie. During the process of performing and the making of a movie, team members will discover that diversity is their most important asset. Trust, cooperation plus effective communication are key elements to a team success and those ingredients you can find back in creating it. TVworkshop movie making concepts not only encourages individual development but bring all members together for a common cause.


SHELL SINGAPORE: “Emile Leus and his concept film team building Singapore was extraordinary. I wanted to organise a team building session for my team on March 2017 and was searching for a unique team building idea when I came across TVworkshop Asia Pte Ltd. The website was very informative and the response to my query was unexpectedly quick. With the short timeline I had, Emile was able to help me plan and execute the session flawlessly. Emile met me a few times before the actual session to ensure that he has planned exactly what I had wished for and he presented amazing ideas that I could not have thought of. My team never had a production filming experience and what’s more having it as a team building activity. We had so much of fun, laughter and teamwork that was going on during the activity and everyone still has that experience fresh in their mind. TVworkshop Asia is reliable, responsive, exceeds expectations and produces high-quality results. I certainly will engage TVworkshop Asia for the next team building session as they are priced reasonably and provide a high-quality service “.

WSG Singapore Workforce: “What you can do in a program of 3 to 4 hours! TVworkhop let us make our own internal commercials. We were amazed by the end results we made together! Perfect corporate team building Singapore“

SAP SINGAPORE: We made an internal commercial for SAP Singapore within 3 hours and the end result was shown in the evening after dinner! Surprised what a great team bonding this is! This is the future of team building in a visual changing world


TVworkshop Asia is operating in Asia and Europe. We organise your film team building activity in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Portugal. Please contact us at conta[email protected] or give us a call +6586484186. Or fill in our contact form.

Website TVworkshop Asia: TVworkshop team building concepts: Reviews: Pricing FAQ About us Contact us Video production Blog

Planning your overseas retreat outbound abroad in 2019 onwards! TVworkshop Asia is working with local partners to serve you the best in Ticketing, local transportation, hotel stay, food and beverage, team bonding and team building activities and other special needs.

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