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To show quantities in a primary and secondary display, such as 32 metres (105 ft), or 18 °C (64.4 °F).




Input Displays as
{{convert|32|m|ft|0}} 32 metres (105 ft)
{{convert|18|°C|°F|1}} 18 °C (64.4 °F)
{{convert|10|mi|km|0}} 10 miles (16 km)
{{convert|25|km|mi|0}} 25 kilometres (16 mi)
{{convert|1|lb|kg|0}} 1  (Expression error: Unexpected round operator. )
{{convert|1250|sqft|sqm|1|lk=on}} 1,250 square feet (116.1 )
{{convert|20.5|sqkm|sqmi|1|lk=on|abbr=on}} 20.5 km² (7.9 sq mi)
{{convert|641|acre|sqmi|3|lk=on|abbr=on}} 641 acres (1.002 sq mi)
{{convert|641|acre|sqmi|2|lk=on|abbr=on}} 641 acres (1 sq mi) because 640 acres equals one square mile; 641 acres rounded to 2 would equal 1.00 sq mi. Therefore it is displayed as 1 sq mi.


In order to...
Use U.S. spelling attach |sp=us
Make units wikilinked attach |lk=on (The manual of style suggests that you only link the first instance).
Use the singular for grammar attach |sing=on (ex: "The 190 foot (58 m) bridge" as opposed to "feet")
Abbreviate all units attach |abbr=on
Use a / instead ( ) attach |disp=slash (or shorthand: |disp=/) (ex: 190 foot/58 m)


The number given for rounding rounds off the result to the power of 1/10 the rounding number. For instance, if the result is 8621 and the round number is '-2', the result will be 8600. If the result is '234.0283043' and the round number is '0', the result will be 234.


The abbreviations to the right of the units are the abbreviations that can be entered when using the template. Through various revisions of this template, some units have incorporated multiple abbreviations to make the code more flexible for editors, e.g. °F or F may be entered. Though they may not be the correct abbreviations, the correct abbreviation will always be displayed when you use {{convert}}.

Units supported by {{convert}}
system unit abbreviation used in coding
(alternative abbreviations)
abbreviation printed 20px US spelling |sp=us
SI square metre sqm square meter
square kilometre sqkm km² square kilometer
Imperial & U.S. Customary acre acre acre (or acres)
square foot sqft sq ft
square yard sqyd sq yd
square mile sqmi sq mi
square nautical mile sqnmi sq nmi
old metric hectare ha ha
SI millimetre mm mm millimeter
centimetre cm cm centimeter
metre m m meter
kilometre km km kilometer
Imperial & U.S. Customary inch in in
foot ft ft
yard yd yd
mile mi mi
nautical mile nmi nmi
Other astronomical unit AU AU
SI metres per second m:s (m/s) m/s meter per second
kilometres per hour km:h (km/h or kph) km/h kilometer per hour
Accepted non-SI knot knot kt
Imperial & U.S. Customary feet per second ft:s (ft/s) ft/s
miles per hour mi:h (mph or mi/h) mph
SI kelvin K K
degrees Celsius °C (C) °C
Imperial & U.S. Customary degrees Rankine °R (R) °R
degrees Fahrenheit °F (F) °F

Example/monitor page

Monitor quality or look at examples at Template:Convert/check