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To show distances in mile (and kilometre) such as:

"the trail is

  1. REDIRECT Template:Mo long" and "it's a
  2. Redirect Template:Convert/mi trail"


  • {{mile|2}} or {{mi|2}} - will show as - 2 miles (3 km)
  • {{mile|10-15}} or {{mi|10-15} - will show as - 10-15 miles (-14 km)
  • {{mile|2|on}} or {{mi|2|on} or {{mi |2|adj}} - will show as - 2 miles (3 km)


  • First parameter is distance number in miles
    • also possible to show range using a dash
  • Second optional parameter set to on or adj to produce the adjective form

See also

  • Wikivoyage:Units
  • {{convert}} - from which this template is built; but this one removes the need to know full syntax and ensure consistent formatting throughout the site.