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Trevers FM
CityTrevers, Verona
Broadcast areaIngerish Paroy
SloganThe best from the west
98.5 (Trevers)
101.3 (Coleraine)
First air dateJanuary 8, 1986
WebcastListen Live


This template is for radio stations only. For radio networks or parent companies of radio channels, please use {{Infobox Company}}.

To use this template, just copy the code in the box under "Syntax" and paste it at the top of your page. Then change the items behind the = signs. You don't have to fill in everything, but at least complete the basic information.

Color customization

The text and background colors of the title and headers in the infobox could be changed in the code with simple hex-codes or just color names. This way the page looks more vibrant, personal and looks even better. Please use a single color that matches the logo or the a strong color in the logo. Don't use multiple colors without any consistency. If you don't want custom colors, leave the spaces blank.


The infobox should be added as shown below:

{{Infobox radio station
|boxwidth           = 
|titlestyle         = 
|title_color        = 
|name               = 
|logo               = 
|logosize           = 
|alt_logo           =
|city               = <!-- city of license -->
|area               = 
|branding           = 
|callsign           = <!-- only use when not used in name -->
|slogan             = 
|frequency          = <!-- {{frequency|NNN|XHz}} -->
|translator         = <!-- for multiple, use translators -->
|repeater           = <!-- for multiple, use repeaters-->
|airdate            = <!-- {{start date|YYYY|MM|DD|df=yes/no}} -->
|last_airdate       = <!-- for defunct stations -->
|share              = 
|share_as_of        = 
|format             = 
|language           = <!-- for multiple, use languages-->
|power              = 
|class              = 
|coordinates        = <!-- {{coord|}} -->
|callsign_meaning   = 
|former_names       = <!-- for single, use former_name-->
|former_callsigns   = 
|former_frequencies = 
|affiliations       = 
|operator           = 
|owner              = <!-- for multiple, use owners-->
|licensee           = 
|sister_stations    = <!-- for single, use sister_station -->
|webcast            = <!-- [URL Listen Live] -->
|website            = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} -->


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