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Teaming up on the water
I am thrilled to be on the Teampedia team.

My work and play has included being on teams for university and nonprofit website development, Montessori education, communication strategy, fundraising for charitable causes, literary pursuits . . . and Calvinball!
Calvin and Hobbes playing Calvinball
I interpret "team" broadly - my family, neighborhood, community, poets, artists, and various other identity groups are among my teams.

I'm always up for good ice-breakers and get-to-know-you activities. I enjoy doing art together, such as Drawing Fun, and inventing creative writing collaborations. And I love the many activities people have created to help us appreciate our diversity. Service projects, I've found, build our teams as well as warm our hearts.

I prefer non-competitive games - for instance, I have a great time with the Teampedia activity Song Battle, but without score-keeping. (I do make exceptions, such as for a rowdy Pictionary session, or Chinese Checkers, when I'm winning.)

The "de-briefing" component of Teampedia activities seems especially valuable to me - I like taking time to be mindful about what an activity can teach us about living and working together better.

- Jana Z |