Wine and Gourmet Team building in Italy

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Let's Cook in Umbria provides a unique learning experience where clients learn authentic Italian cuisine and cooking skills, while developing teambuilding.

People who cook, eat, and relax together form strong bonds. This is especially true if this experience occurs outside of the typical work environment, such as at an operational farmhouse or in an authentic Italian kitchen. The setting and atmosphere of cooking classes held in an Italian kitchen make the team feel like a real family!

Your employees can participate in 1 and/or 4 day programs that feature learning Italian cooking while fostering successful team building.

With our Italian cooking and team building class, your employees will learn extensive information about the influences of this cuisine, as well as tips and techniques so they can prepare it at home. This format provides an innovative and exciting way for team members to work together by planning and cooking a gourmet meal which they then share.

Cooking and Teambuilding Classes require and foster:

• Creativity • Communication Skills • Collaboration • Cooperation • Commitment • Goal Oriented Mindset • Leadership

We understand that every group that books an event with us is different. We can customize your team building event to meet your group's specific needs.

Group Size

We can arrange 1 or 4 day sessions in the green heart of Umbria (Depending on its particular features, a cooking incentive trip with Let's Cook in Umbria can be adapted to render clients more loyal, reward managers or suppliers, reinforce the group spirit and loyalty of empleyees from the same staff.

Services proposed:

Detailed organization of the cooking activity, shaped to achieve the goal that the client decided with us; Accomodation in the apartments of the farmhouse in Perugia; Choosing and organizing of excursions inserted in the programme (gastronimic, cultural, sporting etc.) Tourist guides; Photographic service; Organizing transport and logistics

For more info visit: Let's Cook in Umbria