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==[[Giving as a Team - for the holiday season]]==
[[File:3124020220_e2f48f742e.jpg|200px|thumbnail|right|Santa's helper at a Family Giving Tree event!]]
"'Tis better to give . . . "
==[[The Tallest Tower]]==Winter holidays and cold weather inspire giving and sharing. Reaching out to the wider community can become a team's tradition during this season.
[[Image:Teampedia_-_Tower_Building_Success.JPG|thumb|200px|right|One group finishes Groups that join together in philanthropic activities get all the benefits of team building phase in , with the [[The Tallest Tower]] Team Building Activity]]extra glow that comes of generosity. Projects that provide for others can also be welcome substitutes for “sigh, one more” holiday party or “oh no, not a gift exchange.”
The endless ways to give as a team include creating gifts, repairing items, raising money, and collecting goods for donation. Another fantastic team-builder is providing community service together.
In this team building activity, participants work to build the tallest free[[Giving as a Team -standing tower they can with for the supplies given.  [[The Tallest Towerholiday season|Read more]] helps illustrate the importance of collaboration and communication. It often ends with an ''aha!'' moment, when team members realize they were not collaborating as well as they could have been.  You will need some low-cost building supplies such as: paper cups, plates, popsicle sticks . or coffee stirrers, and tape, and there is some setup required before you begin.  For details on how jump to lead this activity with your team, see the full instructions at: [[The Tallest Tower:Category:Philanthropic_Team_Building| The Tallest Tower Team Building Activityphilanthropic team building activities]].

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