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The Pipeline Challenge

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(10) 1 inch PVC pipes cut to 18 inches;(10) 1 inch PVC joint connectors (to connect the ends of the PVC pipes);(6) 1 1/2 inch PVC pipes cut to 18 inches and then cut across the diameter to create "gutters.";(18) 4 foot marking sticks or 1/2 inch dowel rods;(2) rolls of packing tape - not duct tape!;(10) 4 foot foam noodles;(2) 40 foot rope perimeters.;(2) buckets;(1) marble;(?) enough spot markers for each participant.
===Set Up===
The Pipeline Challenge can be a great "friendly competition" for groups. Rather than creating one large pipeline that goes from one side to the other, split the materials in half, put the bucket right in the center of the rope perimeters and task the group with building their pipeline first and/or with fewer materials.
See a video of the Pipeline Challenge [].
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