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Many social service agencies offer the opportunity to give gifts to families in need. This is especially popular during the winter holiday season, yet year-round the giving could meet community needs and provide team-building.



Group Size



Set Up

Decide as a group to commit to this type of giving. Select a charitable agency that offers this opportunity. Here is one example; find those in your area through a Google search.


The agency provides general information about the family members' gender, age, size, and needs and wishes. Each team member provides appropriate gifts or donates funds for a representative to do the shopping. In one version, tags in a display give the information about each family member. Team members select tags and replace them with appropriate gifts. (Often, the tags are decorating a Christmas tree, and the gifts are then arranged under it. Alternative symbols and decorations can be more universal and inclusive, for instance a flower garden display, with each flower giving information about an adult or child in the family.) The team gets together to wrap the gifts.


How does it feel to give to people you don't know? Does the team want to continue this activity, with the same family or others? Are there other ways the team could help such people in need?


Opportunities could be local or global.

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