Assassin / Spy

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Group Size

Small | Medium


pen and paper

Set Up

  • Rip up the piece of paper into enough pieces for each player.
  • Mark an X on one piece.
  • Fold all of the pieces up and pass them out to each player.


The player that receives the X is the Assassin or Spy. Players sit in a circle so that each player can see the other players' faces. The Assassin/Spy must look around and discreetly wink or raise his eyebrow at another player. The player that receives the wink is the victim. The victim must then yell out "I'm hit" or "I’m caught!" (With drama and moaning of course!) and that player falls out of the game. The player that sees the Assassin/Spy winking at another player "catches" the Assassin/Spy, and wins the game. If the Assassin/Spy is able to successfully eliminate the players to the point that there is only one left, the Assassin/Spy wins.

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