Back-2-Back Drawing

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Group Size


  • Clipboards w/Blank Paper
  • Pencils
  • Drawing Templates

Set Up

Have group divide into pairs (or groups of three with one person as an observer) and sit on the floor back to back. Give one person the clipboard and a pencil Give the other part of the pair the template of the shape to be drawn


The individual with the template has to get their partner to draw an exact duplicate of the shape drawn on their sheet using only verbal directions.

After they are done, the partners should complare the provided shape with what was drawn.


Have the group perform the activity twice with two different templates.

  • The first time through the exercise the "drawing" person is not allowed to speak to the "direction giver."
  • The second time they are allowed to ask only yes/no questions.
  • A third time, the drawer can ask any question they like.
  • Another variation would be to allow the pairs to sit face-to-face, however, the "direction giver" is not allowed to speak. They must get the person to draw the shape using only visual cues. Of course you would have to make sure that the direction giver doesn't just hand over the template.


  • What was it like to give directions?
  • What was it like to recieve directions?
  • Was it difficult not being allowed to ask questions?
  • Once you could ask questions, did that make the job easier? Why?