Balloon Tag

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Group Size


Large open space, with set boundaries One balloon per person One string per balloon (long enough to be tied to the balloon, then tied to a person's ankle, and still drag on the floor)

Set Up

Blow up balloons, one per person. Tie a string (about 3 feet long) at the end.


It is every man/woman for him/herself in this one! The object of the game is to pop everyone else’s balloons while making sure that yours does not get popped. Once your balloon is popped, you are out of the game.


You can also use partners, with one person wearing the balloon on their ankle, and the other attempting to guard the balloon.

Possible Risks

Everyone is in motion, and stomping. It can be dangerous for feet (especially exposed toes), and as is the case with most tag games, it can become a little aggressive. It's key to set clear rules around running and physical contact.