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Several companies offer events which allow your team or company to build teamwork and collaboration skills while building bikes that are then donated to needy kids via a nonprofit or charity. This is a great way to build teams while making a meaningful contribution to the world.

Bike building activities are generally facilitated by a consulting company, we highly recommend contacting any of the providers listed on this page to help you facilitate your event.

Bicycle Dream from HTC Events

Bicycle dream is the famous bike building charity event, and it is one of the oldest but most powerful tools to develop CSR awareness while creating a collaborative energy across teams. It is a widely used team building activity all over the world and has a tangible and memorable outcome, whose impacts last for the lifetime.

This is a hands-on challenge where teams of five work together to build bicycles for a children’s charity. In order to do this, we will provide each team all of the bicycle parts and a series of tools and materials. We then will ask them to mount these bicycle parts together within a limited time frame. While the hands-on work is getting done, teams will realize that they have some missing bicycle parts and lack of some tools. Sharing the missing items will force the teams to collaborate with each other, instead of competing against.

Once the building phase is over, we will give the teams their last assignment. They will now decorate all the bicycles with balloons, colorful wraps, and a personalized card with their team number. The guests will surely know that they are building those bicycles for children, but what they do not know is, children will be coming to get their the bicycles themselves.

When we line up all the bikes on the podium, all participants generally think that this is the last stage of the event. This is where our moderator will cut-in and announce the surprising news: “Ladies and Gentleman, we have learned that our bespoken charity and the children are here to receive their bikes”. As the children step in, we start hearing the cheers and applause from the crowd. This little teary but a very influential ending wraps up with a closing speech and a group photo.

We will have fully equipped technicians on-site to inspect all bicycles carefully before delivering them to children. Furthermore, the technicians will be supervising the teams in the event of a team’s failure to build the bike.

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Charity Bike Build from O3e

O3e provides leading Charity Inspired Team challenges, Charity Bike Build is the most popular. A facilitated opportunity to bring teams together to deliver an extraordinary outcome. O3e has created a unique bike building programme, engaging, educational, technical and rewarding. Teams need to build bikes similar to the ones every body rides, this makes it more challenging and more rewarding for the participants who will learn a lot about their own bikes as well as building bikes that will give an opportunity to a young person to enhance their lives. Charity Bike Build bikes have enabled Young Carers to gain independence, Care Leavers to attain employment, Youth Clubs offer Bikeability programmes and Ex Offenders transport opportunities. Over £500,000 of bikes have been built and donated to the community. A Charity Bike Build event lasts typically 2.5 hours and teams vary between 5 - 8 people. Space requirements are 9 sqm per team plus 20 sqm for the Charity Bike Shop and Race Bike simulator. Minimum numbers 8 people, max 1000 plus. Each team is provided with a Charity Bike Building workshop with a Professional Bike Stand and Workshop tools. Charity Bike Build is available in the UK and Europe.

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Charity Bike Buildathon

Build, decorate, and donate bicycles to local children in need with Charity Bike Buildathon. Not only will teams have to manage their time and work together to succeed in this event, they’ll also need to show off their creativity as they put together a marketing presentation for their finished bicycles. It’s a fun and inclusive activity that really gives every type of employee an opportunity to shine and play to their strengths. Plus, your team will feel great about giving back to the kids in your community!

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The Charity Bike Build – Together We Care

In this terrific bicycle building for charity event, teams armed with wrenches and enthusiasm as they race to construct the ultimate human-powered, no-gasoline-needed rocket: children’s bicycles. From the creative folks at TeamBonding – our facilitators have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build bikes for kids for charity (more than 12,000 bicycles and counting) around the world. One of your fondest childhood memories is probably the day you received your very first bicycle for your birthday or Christmas, wrapped with a big bow around the handlebars. You probably spent all summer outside, cycling around with your friends, or going on rides through the woods with your family. But for the many impoverished families throughout America, it can be tough to afford the cost of food and rent, let alone luxuries like toys and bikes. Although bicycling can help children build coordination and self-esteem, and provides a wonderful source of exercise, many kids are forced to go without this cherished childhood pastime. For most of the children involved, typically ages 7-9, this will be their first bicycle! We partner with charities such as Boys and Girls Clubs and Bikes for Tykes. We’re also happy to partner with a local charity of your choice.

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Bikes For Tikes

What is Bikes for Tikes? The Bikes for Tikes training is a customized workshop with one of the following learning outcomes: Improved team performance, Enhanced sales techniques, Polished customer service, or Improved leadership skills. After a briefing, including theory, assessments and reflection, your team begins a series of tailor-made, problem-solving simulations. Debriefs follow each activity to discuss strengths and areas of improvement. Subsequent simulations provide practice and improvement of new skills. After each simulation, participants are rewarded with parts to a brand new bicycle. After the group has accumulated all necessary parts and tools to build the bike, the timed assembly begins. Underprivileged children are selected in the city of your training through our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of America. Neither the team nor the children realize they are about to share a very special experience. Important: Participants do not know their efforts will benefit children from the community and the children do not know they will be given brand new bikes. …We ensure this element of surprise by renaming the program one of the following: The Nuts and Bolts of Sales; The Nuts and Bolts of Teams, The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership or, The Nuts and Bolts of Customer Service. Your team can know the learning outcomes of the training, but keep the bikes and children a secret. Shhhh! What are the benefits of Bikes for Tikes? Participants gain an amazing sense of organizational pride, better understanding of purpose and improved rapport with co-workers, a deeper commitment and motivation to individual and organizational goals, and a feeling of connection with the community and the children. Participants also gain a new understanding of and commitment to better teamwork, improved sales, enhanced customer service and/or superior leadership depending on the focus you choose. What you get comes from what you give. You will be donating one brand new DiamondBack™ bicycle, one helmet and one lock for every five people in your group.

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Bicycle Team Building

Bicycle Team Building combines charitable giving with a fun look at our personal interactions in the workplace. We know that your group may not work on the same team, or even within the same business unit, so we take the time to listen to your needs and customize each bicycle team building event to help you meet those needs. These bicycle team building workshops help your team recognize how each member brings a distinct personality style to the group, and with this recognition comes understanding and appreciation for both their talents and their differences.

As one of the oldest and most trusted providers in the team building industry, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier workshops to most of the Fortune 500 as well as small and medium businesses. We also have other charitable and non-charitable activities to suit any budget and schedule.

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Bicycle Team Building Events

Bicycle team building is far from new, but it’s still one of the hottest charity team building events, and with good reason! When you see executives working together with their employees to build bicycles knowing they will go to a deserving child – it’s pretty impactful! The Bike-A-Thon highlights how individual personalities can have an impact on the work environment. Whether your group works together for the same company or represents different businesses, they will benefit from taking a light-hearted look at personality styles through bicycle team building events. This Bicycle Team Building Workshop will help your team learn to appreciate the differences that each team member brings to a group. This is what our workshops are all about – putting principles into action so your team at least has an awareness of behaviors they are experiencing and insights are connected back to the workplace.

Incorporate all these aspects while each team earns parts and tools to build brand new bikes for kids in the local community. We’ll show your team how to navigate through problem solving to get where they want to go. The conclusion to the Bike-A-ThonTM is the realization that each component of a team is critical to its overall success and that we accomplish more when we resolve issues together.

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Are looking for an outstanding team building program, that your people will rate as the best they have ever experienced? Then choose The LEVEL 12 Ultimate Bike Building Team Building Program because it is consistently described as the best team building program people have ever experienced. We have set a standard for Team Building that no one else can match. Don’t settle for average….there is only one and it is the original Ultimate Bike Building Team Building Program!

Some of the world’s best organizations including Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, Nestle, The Home Depot and Nestle are just a few of our clients that have experienced The LEVEL 12 Ultimate Bike Building Team Building Program.

“The event was transformational and the associates are still talking about this week!”
Coca-Cola Canada

"More feedback yesterday afternoon and today about the morning event than any other teambuilding event we have run. It set the right tone for the day and was major contributor to an overall very successful day. Thank you.”
Vice President & General Manager – Canada

"Outstanding feedback from the team on your team build session. They were deeply moved by the bicycle portion and sharing with the kids. We are all reminding ourselves how we can operate at LEVEL 12. Your session was a true inspiration to all of us.”
Vice President, Information Technology
The Home Depot Canada

“I want to express BIG THANKS from the Nestle Expert Network for an outstanding job and making our lives – both personal and professional – better than before. I can definitely say – you stand ahead in your field and were well received by all!!! We look forward to engaging you in the future.”
Business Excellence
Nestle Canada

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Bike-A-Thon ® Bicycle Team Building

The Bike-A-Thon ® highlights how individual personalities can have an impact on the work environment. Whether your group works together for the same company or represents different businesses, they will benefit from taking a light-hearted look at personality styles through a bicycle team building event.

Helping others can bond co-workers together as they team up to help someone else. When you see executives working together with their employees to build bicycles knowing it will go to a deserving child – it’s pretty impactful! Bicycle team building is the hottest team building event right now, and for a very good reason!

This Charity Team Building Workshop will help your team learn to appreciate the differences that each team member brings to a group.

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Build-A-Bike ® Team Building Events

Build-A-Bike® is the original Build-A-Bike® charity team building event that revolutionized how fun team building events are delivered! Almost a decade ago, The Leader's Institute® came up with a brilliant idea to combine fun team building activities with charity donations, and viola! The philanthropic team building industry was created almost overnight. Bike team building events like Build-A-Bike® are great alternatives at annual meetings or conventions because they add fun and philanthropy without increasing your investment! The Leader's Institute® is still the industry leader in bike team building activities. In the past decade, we've given away almost $2 Million worth of bicycles to needy kids in cities all over the US, Canada, and Europe. Philanthropic Team Building: Allows for fun teamwork with a purpose. Lets team members build camaraderie in a high energy team activity. Creates an emotional conclusion that will have your team clamoring about the experience. Can be customized into two-hour or three-hour team events or combined with fun classroom training for a one-day or two-day team retreat.

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Charity Team Building Events

It’s far from new, but bicycle team building is still one of the hottest charity team building events, and with good reason! When you see executives working together with their employees to build bicycles knowing it will go to a deserving child – it’s pretty impactful! A question we often get from our more mechanically-inclined clients – why does it take two hours to build a single bike? That’s a great question! I know that after helping our clients build thousands of bikes, our facilitators could probably assemble one in five minutes while being blindfolded! IF, and only if, they had the tools and the parts! The key behind the bicycle team building workshop isn’t just about having fun and building some bikes, it’s about learning to work together both in individual teams AND as a part of the much larger group.

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The Charity Bike Build

Welcome to the home of the world’s most popular team building program – The Charity Bike Build charity team building event! From the creative mind of Quixote Consulting founder Rob Fletcher, our consultants have helped hundreds of companies just like yours build bikes for kids for charity - more than 10,000 bicycles and counting - around the world.

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Wheels of the World

Do you recall your first bicycle? Remember the fun, the adventure, the freedom? Wheels for the World offers your team the chance to pass those feelings on to a child by building and donating bikes for kids. Anyone can assemble a bike (well, almost anyone) if they receive all of the parts, a few tools, and the instructions. But, in Wheels for the World, teams must earn the parts by participating in fun team building challenges. Each activity is funnier than the last in this energy-filled session. During this team building activity, teams work to earn the front tire, seat, handle bars, and pedals, they are simultaneously building teamwork, strengthening relationships and developing trust. (By the way, a cycling professional will be on hand to make sure the bikes are assembled properly.) The biggest surprise of the day is yet to come. Once the bikes are assembled, you will have the opportunity to decorate them with a colorful, personalized card and lots of balloons, beads and stickers. Teams perform a fun skit or commercial about their bike at the end and everyone thinks this is the grand finale. But wait… We line up the bikes in the front of the room so that your team can admire their handiwork. Then, participants close their eyes and are told to imagine the looks on the children’s faces when they receive their new bikes. But what if they didn’t have to imagine? Shhhhh, don’t tell say anything, but we will make arrangements to bring the children to your team building program where your staff will present the bikes directly to kids. Kids are jumping for joy… adults get a little misty-eyed (that’s right, even the big strong guys)! In Wheels for the World, your team will share a heart-felt bonding experience and know that they’ve done something truly impactful for the community.

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Bike Build Donation

THE BEST NEW BIKE BUILD IDEA IN 20 YEARS! Bike Build Donations are one of our most popular CSR programs. After organizing and delivering the best Bike Builds in America for the past 20 years, we proudly announce the future of this very popular giveback program. With help from our SmartHunts® App and a ton of Apple iPads®, we have created the most fun, fast-paced, hi-energy, hi-tech Bike Build program in the world! Our Bike Build Donation now feature Apple iPads® delivering text, audio and video clues, exciting gaming challenges, and the ability to capture and save all your memories of this truly heartwarming event with photos and video of your team in action. Our Bike Build Donation is one of our clients' most popular philanthropic team building programs, and every bicycle your group builds comes with a cool helmet and a lock for safety and security. After a fun icebreaker to get everyone “in gear,” your group will be formed into teams and receive their tool kits and iPads. Teams with correct answers to their iPad challenges will be rewarded with a trip to our bike store, to get the parts they need for the build. Teams will utilize the tools of organization, delegation, communication - and some mechanical skills - to build their bikes and complete the fun challenges presented on their iPads. After the bikes have been built, our bike mechanic will inspect them, so your teams can race them on an Obstacle Course set up nearby. After the race, teams will add bike accessories and personal touch decorations. At the conclusion of the program, your group can present these beautiful, finished bicycles to deserving children - accompanied by a local charity representative who will address your group and thank you for your donation. If your group would like to have children attend the bike build program, it is predicated on the program ending after school hours and the charity’s ability to provide transportation for the children and families to our program location. We can work with any charitable organization your group chooses - or we can engage one of the many charities we use, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and the Boys and Girls Club of America. 
Our Bike Build Donation will strengthen your team and touch their hearts - while putting smiles on faces of the children receiving your generous donation. It will be a day that all will remember. An event where everyone wins!

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Turning Wheels for Kids - Corporate Bike Builds

Are you looking for a way to energize your employees and give back to the community? Turning Wheels For Kids would love to be a part of your next team building experience and due to our 501 (c ) 3 status your donation is COMPLETELY TAX deductible. What we provide: Bikes, Tools, Team Building Exercises (All exercises are related to the bike building experience), Children to receive newly built bikes, Volunteers. What we need: A Location, People to Build, A Way to Dispose of Trash.

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Bikes for Tykes

Imagine the sense of achievement your team members will feel after building a bike from scratch! When they find out the bikes will be donated to a local kids’ charity, this fun and challenging exercise takes on a deeper meaning and gives everyone a warm, fuzzy glow. Teams will complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn the pieces of their bike. Once all pieces have been collected, building the bike can begin. When the bike is fully built, each team must bring their bike to a qualified mechanic who will give the bike a “once over” and report on any defects to the judges. The first team to have their bike built and approved will be crowned champions for the day. Once the bikes are complete, each team finds out that their bike is to be donated to a local kids’ charity. Medals are presented and the kids collect their bikes.

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Bikes for Goodness Sake

Bikes for Goodness Sake is a charity with a mission to share to Goodness of Bicycles with underprivileged children. We are a registered 501 c(3) non-profit. We work local bike shops and corporations to create events and distribute bikes to local children. We aim to create a cycling culture in North America by giving a bike to a child. Each bike we give comes along with a custom fit a helmet. The charity was started by Mark Smith and Pete Buck of Bucks Bikes in Austin, Texas. We help you and your company put on a charity bike building event and build a sense of team and community. It is easy, fun, and gratifying. Here is how it works: You tell us how many bikes you want to build and the number of team members. Typically four to six members per team is optimal. Bikes for Goodness Sake (BFGS) will work with a local Raleigh Bike Shop in your area to deliver the bikes, helmets, and tool kits. The Bike Shop will also have a bike mechanic at your event to check over the bikes after assembled. BFGS sends you a quote for the bikes, helmets, and tools. We only offer bike-shop-quality bikes and helmets for these good kids. BFGS will help you identify a charity or you can select one. You can choose a simple bike build or a more elaborate team building event. We have programs for both. A simple bike build will take about an hour. For a heartwarming surprise, we work to have the recipient children rush into the room after the bike build event to surprise your team. That is a special moment that no one will forget. Your team gets to enjoy to look on a child’s face when they get their new bike.

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Bike building team building events... Change a child's life™ - A TEAM BUILDING & CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY EXPERIENCE. Each of the bicycles your team builds will be given to an underprivileged child in your community. The Bicycle Factory™ is a unique team building workshop and powerful team philanthropy experience which can be customized to meet all of your team goals, including: increase teamwork & team effectiveness, improve team communication, increase team motivation, improve customer service & sales team effectiveness, improve leadership skills. Each member of your team will help build a bicycle that will change the life of a child. This bicycle building experience will touch your hearts and inspire your minds. It is filled with fun and excitement, as well as skills, tools and experiences that will make a dramatic & powerful impact on your team. After an initial opening ceremony, briefing and orientation, your team will participate in a series of custom problem-solving activities during which you will learn and practice powerful new skills. When it's time, your team is rewarded with the parts to a brand new bicycle and the tools to build that bike for your "customers". Your “customers” are local underprivileged children to whom your team will present the bicycles--though neither your team members nor the children are aware you are about to share an extraordinary experience together (so please, DO NOT TELL YOUR TEAM about the bike building or the donation of the bikes to the kids before your event). Through participation in The Bicycle Factory™ experience, your team will gain a stronger feeling of team connection and more powerful motivation to achieve personal and team goals. You will also learn and master powerful tools & techniques that will translate into improved teamwork, better communication, and increased productivity.

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Bikes for Kids Charity Event Team Building Activity

Overview: We partner your company with a local Boy’s & Girl’s club from where the event is held. The event brings in the children and they become part of your team so the bikes can be custom fit to each child. Watching these children’s faces light up with delight is one of the highlights of this event. This team building event will energize your team, help them communicate more effectively and get them active and having fun. We do this by giving each team most, but not all, the resources they need completely build the bicycles. The equipment necessary to completely finish a bicycle is found with the other teams. Teams must come together, share resources and align strategies in order to be successful. Team Commercial Presentation: As part of the Bikes for Kids Charity event, each team is challenged to create a commercial advertising their bike. The commercials are judged on creativity, humor, teamwork and relevance to your meeting’s theme. This commercial can be tied in to any aspect of your company including: new product launch, company values, goals, meeting/conference theme, etc. Business application: Part of the give and take between teams creates challenges around cooperation vs. competition, breaking the “silo effect” and communicating effectively across departments. The teams engage in a self-facilitated debrief and explore ideas on how to break down these barriers between teams. At the end of the debrief each team reports out to the other teams their key learning and insights.

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Build My Ride

Complete team challenges, build brand new bikes, and then give them to deserving kids in person on the day... a “win win win win” event for your team, your organization, the kids and you as the organizer. You provide the team, we provide the challenges, the bikes (and the mechanic to check them!) and the kids. What better formula for a team event than having some crazy fun and then making some incredibly deserving children very very happy! This charity team event includes challenging team activities to 'earn' the bike parts, then the building of the bikes, then the giving of the bikes to kids who you will present to them IN person ON the day. We work with many charities such as Child Cancer Foundation », Refugee Service », Kidney Kids », Fostering Kids » and more - or a charity of your choice. This event can be run anywhere in the country, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and all points north, south, east and west. In terms of staff team building activies, it doesn't get much better! The event in a nutshell: Complete challenging and slick team activities to earn parts for brand new bikes, Build the bikes (no mechanical experience needed, Give the bikes away to deserving kids ON THE DAY, Get medals (if your team wins)

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Bikes for Kids

Each team receives the same Bicycle parts, and our trained facilitators supervise the event. Participants will be challenged by several "children's competitive games" in order to receive the bicycle parts. The reward for building the Bicycles is the reward of giving back to the community. Bikes will be donated to the charity of your choice. Companies can choose their own charity or TeamBuilding Unlimited/Murder on the Menu can help you locate one in your area.

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