Blob Tag

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Group Size


Large open space, with set boundaries

Set Up



One person is designated as "it" and begins a game of tag. One someone is tagged they become "it" as well and must become part of the blow by linking arms with the other people that are it. The blow continues to grow until it has swallowed all the participants.


Allow the blow to break into smaller groups once a certain number of participants have been assimilated. For example, when the blow has 10 people it is allowed to break into 2 groups of 5 which will then be able to break once they have 10 people. This encourages teamwork and strategy as the groups now work together to hunt the remaining free players.

Possible Risks

If not careful the blow can become an unintentional game of "crack the whip" with people at the end of the blow being flung off. Encourage the blow to move at a speed safe for all participants. This can be fun to watch, a well thought out blow can slowly separate other players and surround them.