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Build group closeness through individual interaction, creativity, and performance.

Group Size

Suggestions: Minimum of 4. Ideal size: 12


Group members “Creative Hat”


1. Find a partner.

2. Make a two step handshake (examples of steps: handshake, pound it, high five, snap, be creative).

3. Practice, make sure both partners know the steps and can teach it to someone else.

4. Find a new partner (both people).

5. Show each other previously learned handshake steps.

6. With new partner collaborate to decide which of the two handshakes to build on.

7. Work with new partner (from step 4) to add two new handshake steps to previously chosen handshake (from step 6).

8. Practice, make sure both partners know all 4 steps and can teach it to someone else.

9. Repeat steps 4 through 7.

10. Make sure both partners know all 6 steps to the handshake and can perform it for the whole group.

11. Have each final pair demonstrate their final 6 step handshake for the entire group.

12. Once every pair has performed have each group member vote (by raising hands) for the most creative final handshake.


Questions to ask the entire group:

1. What do you think the purpose of the activity was?

2. What did you learn in this activity about yourself?

3. What did you learn about other group members?

4. How can what we learned in this activity help us work as a team?


-For shorter version skip step 9, create a 4 step handshake with two partners.

-For longer version find a fourth partner to create an 8 step handshake.

-For more enthusiasm vote for most creative handshake, step 12, by volume of cheering.

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