Build a Wagon

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Build a wagon as a team to donate to charity!

Solve challenges together, and come out with a little red wagon to brighten a child's life. Several companies offer the materials and leadership for this approach to team building.

Corporate Teams' "Wagons West" delivers intensely collaborative, active, problem-solving challenges that require strategic thinking and effective communications. Each team is also supplied with decorations to package the wagon and to create a greeting card for the recipient child. A surprise at the end of the event results in "not a dry eye in the house."

In Magnovo Training Group's Wagon Builders activity, your team assembles a red wagon, and fills it with a variety of gifts depending on the chosen charity. The team tackles several problem-solving challenges that emphasize the importance of working together to overcome obstacles! Participants learn this is not a competition but an alliance of team member strengths to accomplish the wagon assembly.