Cat's Cradle

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Practice giving and following directions. Work on clear and concise communication.

Group Size


String, yarn, thin rope, or a shoe lace

Set Up

Cut string into pieces that are ~ 6' long and tie a knot so they form a loop.


Please help improve these directions. This is the rough idea. Have partners sit back to back. Give one person the image of cat's cradle ( and the other person the string. The partner with the image should do their best to explain step-by-step how to make the string into the image, but can't turn around and look at the other persons hands to actually see what they are doing.


What was difficult about this task? What worked well? How is this like other times you are giving or receiving directions? How is this different?


If they are really struggling, you can give them hints (see full instructions here: If it is too easy, you can blindfold the partner with the string.