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Remoting, telecommuting, working together virtually . . . Does "team building" have any value for those who don't meet in-person?

Many people find that indeed, consciously getting to know each other and establishing a team identity is even more important when you have only voices, text, or photos to go by. As more and more people spend most or part of their time interacting at a distance, and the technology for remote meetings and conferences develops, Teampedia wants to help you get real in this brave new world.

We have found that many of the regular warm-ups and icebreakers can be easily adapted for either real-time or archived conversations. And there are unique tips to find out how to be comfortable and productive with your teammates via computer.

You can also consider hiring a team building company like to take part in an app-based team building activity which remote employees/groups can partake in simultaneously from locations all around the world at the same time.

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