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Geographical Area ServedUK +, France + and Europe +
Key Staff Members, TitlesPhil England and Sharon Naylor +
Main AddressEventus Training & Events Ltd

Brynmaen Capel Isaac Llandeilo Carmarthenshire

SA19 7TU United Kingdom +
Short Summary of ServicesWe pride ourselves on offering a prompt anWe pride ourselves on offering a prompt and professional service - your event is special to you and special to us! Eventus is different from other event providers. We focus on intelligent and thoughtful events that help teams to work effectively together, overcoming barriers and drawing upon the strengths and qualities within the team. A good team building event should always be an enjoyable experience. However, with preparation and planning, it can be a whole lot more! and planning, it can be a whole lot more! +
Team Building Company NameEventus +
Website +