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Facts about "Experienca Teambuilding and Corporate Development"RDF feed
Geographical Area ServedGlobal +
Key Staff Members, TitlesTrent Schumann + and Chief Experience Officer +
Main Address1115 5th Ave. NW

Calgary AB T2N 0R7

Canada +
Short Summary of ServicesOur amazing, effective, "close to home" evOur amazing, effective, "close to home" events can transport your people to another reality without leaving the country. As the new economy hits home, it becomes even more important to invest in staff morale and productivity. Whether or not you're reducing your workforce, your existing team's morale will be critical to your productivity and profitability in these uncertain time. Our programs are fun, sophisticated and transformational. We engage your mind, your body, your emotions and your intellect to create meaningful, memorable experiences. create meaningful, memorable experiences. +
Team Building Company NameExperienca Teambuilding and Corporate Development +
Website +