Five Pointed Star

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Communication | Collaboration | Team Strategy

Group Size


Long (20 – 50 ft) Rope Blindfolds

Set Up

Lay the rope on the ground in the shape of a circle. It is helpful if the two ends of the rope are tied together (otherwise, it is too simple).


The 5 Pointed Star begins with participants gathering around a rope on the ground in the shape of a circle. Participants are instructed to pick up the rope with both hands and then shape the rope into a 5 pointed star, with all the overlaps and criss-crosses (just like the kind you drew in elementary school). The team must take 4 minutes to come up with a plan and while they are talking they cannot start moving. It sounds easy enough, but inevitably some eager person starts taking action during planning time - that is when the penalties start flying: blindfolds, ankles tied together, walk backwards everywhere you go, etc. Then the team must implement their plan (move) without talking, then plan again, then move again. Once they have moved through the four sequences and formed the best star possible they lay the rope on the ground and examine their handiwork.


See Blind Polygon

Debrief Questions

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