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How can I get involved in Teampedia?

  • Test it out - try looking for a new activity for your next meeting, improving on one that is already here, or adding one of your own.
  • Send questions, comments, suggestions, links, activities, etc. - any and all feedback welcome:
  • Post a link to Teampedia on your website or blog. Examples of code include:
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Free Icebreakers </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Tools for Teams </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Fun Teambuilding Activities </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Icebreakers, Team Building Activities and Group-Dynamic Games </a>

It should create a link like this on your site: Teampedia: teamwork and teambuilding activities

  • Email your friends:
Hey - Check out this great site with free icebreakers, 
team building activities, and group-dynamic games: