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Why should I create an account and login?

  • Creating an account helps you and other contributors keep track of your edits
  • It allows other visitors the opportunity to talk with you via the discussion page on your profile: e.g. User_talk:Smarbin
  • It gives you ability to upload files (e.g. an image of an activity)
  • Create an account or login here:Special:Userlogin (also on the top right of all the pages)

Will I get junk mail if I create an account on Teampedia?

  • NO! Your email address will remain private! We will never sell your contact info to anyone, and we won't send you junk mail!
  • You need to enter an email address when you register if you want to be able to do any of the following: recover your password, sign up to "watch pages" and be notified when they change, or allow other users to contact you through Teampedia.

Do you have any suggestions for books on the subject of team building, ice breakers, or teamwork?

How can I get involved in Teampedia?

  • Test it out - try looking for a new activity for your next meeting, improving on one that is already here, or adding one of your own.
  • Send questions, comments, suggestions, links, activities, etc. - any and all feedback welcome:
  • Post a link to Teampedia on your website or blog. Examples of code include:
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Free Icebreakers </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Tools for Teams </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Fun Teambuilding Activities </a>
    • <a href=""> Teampedia: Icebreakers, Team Building Activities and Group-Dynamic Games </a>

It should create a link like this on your site: Teampedia: teamwork and teambuilding activities

  • Email your friends:
Hey - Check out this great site with free icebreakers, 
team building activities, and group-dynamic games: